Silent Crisis Report Now Available in Arabic

The air is orange with smoke. Palm trees are just visible through the smoke.

Silent Crisis Report Now Available in Arabic

StateUp is pleased to announce that our groundbreaking report, Silent Crisis: information, decision-making, and communities on the frontlines of climate change, is now available in Arabic. This significant step can contribute to building awareness, and creating new policies and information ecosystems connecting policymakers with communities already experiencing significant climate change impacts.

Understanding the Local Impact

Silent Crisis, commissioned by Internews and developed in collaboration with ODI, delves into the often-overlooked realities faced by communities on the frontlines of climate change. With increasing severe climate events intensifying these crises, there is an urgent need to examine how local information environments can evolve to better support decision-making amidst escalating climate impacts. The publication of this report in Arabic marks a pivotal moment in making relevant and localised information accessible to those who need it most, facilitating informed choices within these communities.

Insights and Objectives

The report provides empirical insights into the informational contexts, needs, and preferences within humanitarian settings, addressing a significant knowledge gap in global understanding of climate change and climate policies. It highlights how local beliefs, narratives, and trust dynamics play critical roles in how people engage with climate-related information. 

A Call to Action

We urge policymakers, humanitarian organisations, journalists, and all stakeholders to engage with the findings and recommendations of the Silent Crisis report and better support local communities. The report’s availability in Arabic contributes to strengthen communication channels between local communities, national, and global climate forums and decision-making bodies, addressing one of our main recommendations and we hope it will help to empower those directly impacted by these crises with the knowledge and tools needed to formulate and support ambitious climate policies.

Explore and Engage

We invite you to read and share the Arabic version of the Silent Crisis report and help spread deep evidence on climate information needs. Access the report here.

To find out more about the report and how StateUp can support your organisation on climate- change impacts, evidence and information needs, and public policy, contact us on