About Us

StateUp is a specialist, multi- disciplinary advisory firm focused on digital innovation with public purpose.

We work at the intersection of policy and digital technologies, providing policy advice and programme design, insights, training and evaluations to help organisations improve citizens' lives. Our client range includes governments, start-ups and SMEs, and international organisations.

Our approach combines 3 main strengths:

We are policy & research experts

StateUp combines the highest academic research training and standards with strong policy understanding and experience. We ‘translate’ complex research findings into products, actionable insights and clear recommendations for busy civil servants, policy practitioners and innovators.

We work with stakeholders across the innovation ecosystem

Our clients are drawn from governments, start-ups, and international organisations. We have clear insight into public needs and the most relevant policy approaches and products on the market to meet them.

We work

With an ear to the ground on the latest technological uptake and policy updates across organisations and countries. We believe context is key.

Who We Are

Amid rapid technological change and deepening inequality, we seek to partner with governments, startups and other organisations to better engage digital and emerging technologies to improve citizens' lives. Our advisors and researchers are all highly trained specialists in digital innovation, bringing diverse disciplinary backgrounds to the topic, from urban planning to development economics. We have extensive collective international experience, including in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and beyond.

Our model means that every project is expertly staffed, with advisors and researchers matched to the specific needs of clients. Digital challenges are always multi-disciplinary and culturally contextual: our structure and expertise reflect and respond by design to these facets.

StateUp was founded by Dr. Tanya Filer, a widely published expert on digital government and digital innovation ecosystems. Tanya leads the Digital State project at the Bennett Institute for Public Policy, University of Cambridge. 

Tanya Filer, PhD

Sam Gilbert

Riley Kaminer

Rachel Osnos

Tolu Segun

Kat Williams

Johannes Lenhard, PhD
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Venture Capital, Ethics, & ESG

Bluebell Drummond

Rehema Msulwa, PhD
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Paolo Turrini, PhD
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AI for Public Good

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Digital Technologies & Governance