Via acquires mobility planning startup Remix for $100m


Via acquires mobility planning startup Remix for $100m

StateUp 21 member Remix has been acquired by mobility startup Via for $100m. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s interesting about Remix?

  • San Francisco-based Remix, a collaborative mapping platform for transportation decision-making, offers a suite of products aimed at helping municipal workers make better mobility decisions. 
  • They prioritise collaboration and interoperability, making it easy to download data and share potential plans including between city planners and policy decision makers. 
  • Mobility data is hot property for city infrastructure planning, but can be siloed, difficult to visualise, and hard to understand. Remix’s user-friendly approach has led to an impressive range of contracts: reportedly 340+ cities and agencies across 5 continents, including San Francisco, Miami, Sydney, NYC, and London.

What does the Via acquisition mean for Remix?

  • According to CEO Tiffany Chu, Remix’s strength is in planning, while Via brings expertise in software and operations.
  • “By having those two strengths come together, we can be much stronger as an end-to-end solution — from the initial genesis of this idea around transportation planning and carrying that through to operations — in a way that we, individually, would not have been able to achieve otherwise,” Chu said.
  • Via is valued at over $2 billion, as of March 2020. While the company initially focused on ride sharing, it has since pivoted to providing tailored services to help solve local governments’ transportation needs.

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