StateUp leads panel on government, technology, and the future of international cooperation

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StateUp leads panel on government, technology, and the future of international cooperation

With the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and Climate Week New York taking place in September, StateUp was also in New York City to lead a panel on Government, Technology, and the Future of International Cooperation.

We partnered with Mastercard for Government to invite three leaders from global institutions to the GovTech Idea event.

GovTech Idea took place on 21 September on the sidelines of UNGA and aimed to address how accelerated innovation and digitisation can drive greater efficiencies in administration, enhance transparency and deliver more inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

StateUp CEO Tanya Filer hosted the discussion on international collaboration onstage with:

  • Roby Senderowitsch, Practice Manager, Governance – Public Administration, World Bank
  • Chris Meserole, Director, Brookings Institute Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technology Initiative
  • Sara Pantuliano, Chief Executive, ODI

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Cooperation while mitigating risks

The panel was timely because there is a vital need and opportunity to engage technology to unlock shared prosperity, principles, and mutual security. Governments seeking to harness the potential of digital technologies to strengthen the resilience of their nations and to better serve citizens must increasingly collaborate. And as new technologies emerge, enhanced international cooperation, communication, lesson sharing, and standards are required.

Multilateral and other cooperative approaches also have an increasingly important role to play as countries navigate the possibility of interoperable and cross-border digital infrastructure and services.

For governments to make the most of technology innovation to improve citizens’ lives, they must also embrace innovations in international cooperation. The question they must answer is how they can best cooperate to harness the possibilities of technology while mitigating the risks.

Public-purpose tech experience

The StateUp team has deep experience with supporting international cooperation on public-purpose tech.

When answering a question about how StateUp empowers the public sector to harness the potential of GovTech in an interview with Mastercard for Government, Tanya Filer said:

“By providing in-depth insights into this landscape, we seek to help public sector organisations understand the potential benefits and challenges of adopting new technologies.

“This information enables policymakers and public servants to make informed decisions about GovTech investments, reducing the risk of costly mistakes, and enabling the development of technology ecosystems that really help to address major public needs.”

Products, networks and ideas

Here are three projects and products we’ve spearheaded to enable international cooperation on public-purpose tech:

Green Technologies in Latin America
Our pioneering report on Green Technologies and public policy in Latin America, in collaboration with CAF Development Bank, reveals the urgent need and great potential of LAC to be both a source and pioneering adopter of powerful green technologies needed to build climate resilience and decarbonise the planet.
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Nebula is our unique ecosystem for public-purpose technology intelligence. It includes curated data, rigorous research collections, bespoke publications, and expert meetings. It’s the go-to source of information for start-ups, policy experts and investors who are trying to map and understand major public needs and identify targeted solutions.
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Digital Minilateralism: How governments cooperate on digital governance
StateUp CEO Tanya Filer co-authored an extensive report with Antonio Weiss on digital minilaterals for the Bennett Institute for Public Policy at the University of Cambridge. It argues for the critical function of small, agile, digitally enabled and focused networks of leaders to foster strong international cooperation on digital governance issues.
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