StateUp 21 in Forbes


StateUp 21 in Forbes

As the world begins to emerge from Covid-19, the capacity for governments and the entrepreneurial sector to cooperate in addressing major public needs will be more critical than ever. In Money Flows To Govtech—Has A Cinderella Sector Been Invited To The Ball?, Trevor Clawson notes the importance of GovTech for post-pandemic recovery. The Forbes article cites the data-driven sector insights in StateUp 21 as key to this finding, and describes how the inaugural members of StateUp 21 focus on addressing ‘big problems that actually matter to governments and their agencies.’

The article notes that StateUp’s bespoke database, Nebula, which houses over 450 carefully selected global startups, is a first-of-its-kind initiative allowing for ongoing analysis of the young sector.

“It’s important that we raise the quality of technology conversation on a public policy level.”

Dr. Tanya Filer, Founder of StateUp

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