Bio Summary

Dr. Paolo Turrini is an Expert in AI at StateUp, where he works on projects concerning AI for social good.

He is also an Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of Warwick and a Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute. In his work, he uses game theory to design artificial agents and environments that display desirable social behaviour. His main research topics include computational models of social influence and its effects on collective decisions; mechanism design for social networks; and rational decision-making in complex games.

Paolo gained his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Utrecht, working on modal logics for game theory. He won a COFUND Marie Curie fellowship from the University of Luxembourg, where he worked on logical and game theoretic models of trust in coalition formation. He also won an Intra European Marie Curie Fellowship, moving to Imperial College London, to work on models of distributed negotiations. He publishes his work in the top AI conferences and journals.

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