Logically’s new platform uses AI to combat mis- and disinformation at scale


Logically’s new platform uses AI to combat mis- and disinformation at scale

StateUp 21 member Logically just launched a new threat intelligence platform that can identify, analyse and disarm harmful online misinformation at scale. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s interesting about Logically?

  • Logically was set up to combat online misinformation and disinformation across a variety of online media.
  • Logically’s media intelligence, credibility assessment, veracity assessment, and social network intelligence capabilities combine Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Engineering, and human research to identify both false information and edited or fake images in news articles and social media posts. 
  • To date Logically has been active in the USA, the UK and India: all countries that have suffered polarisation and radicalisation partly driven by fake news. 
  • Logically has proved unusually successful among providers of content analysis and moderation services in quickly securing government contracts. In 2021, Logically plans to extend their threat intelligence and fact checking services to a wide range of government bodies, public sector organisations and private companies.

What does Logically Intelligence do?

  • The new platform aims to allow government organisations to make early, proactive decisions to tackle problematic content before it becomes widespread.
  • Built on secure cloud infrastructure, Logically Intelligence brings together Logically’s capabilities to analyse, classify and detect damaging narratives and online threats.
  • The platform reportedly provides countermeasures, including automated fact checking and OSINT research, to tackle identified threats.  
  • Logically describes leveraging the latest developments in AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies to build a tool that can ingest and analyse data from over one million publicly available media sources and social media platforms. It applies advanced NLP to detect and analyse clusters of threats and emerging narratives, and can identify which demographics or groups the narrative is targeting. 

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