Edgybees secures $9.5m funding


Edgybees secures $9.5m funding

StateUp 21 member Edgybees just raised $9.5 million USD. Here’s what you need to know about them.

What’s interesting about Edgybees?

  • Edgybees began life as a gaming company that used AR to create realistic graphics. 
  • It subsequently began using drones and automated video analytics to capture live feeds of disaster situations overlaid with geo-information, including maps, building layouts, points of interest, and user-generated markers. 
  • Edybees now allows first responders to get a detailed overview of a disaster and make their decisions accordingly through enabling real-time situational awareness.

What contracts has Edgybees won?

  • Edgybees has quickly made waves with a number of high-profile successes. In its first two years, it was used to combat wildfires in northern California and flooding in hurricane-stricken Florida. As well as natural disasters, the tech has been used to help firefighters, ambulances and police, suggesting a multiplicity of public safety use cases.
  • Edgybees recently secured a £950 million award from the US air force, largely to improve the visual technology of its drone programme.

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