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Dr. Johannes Lenhard is an Expert in venture capital and ESG at StateUp, where his work focuses on trends in VC and investment in public-purpose tech.

He is an ethnographer of venture capital and researcher at the University of Cambridge as Centre Coordinator of the Max Planck Centre Cambridge for the Study of Ethics, the Economy and Social Change. Johannes is also the Co-Founder and Academic Advisory Board Chair of Venture ESG, a community aiming to help the VC sector recognise the importance of ESG and to provide resources to make this topic standard part of diligence, portfolio management and fund management. 

His dissertation monograph (Making Better Lives) based on fieldwork with people experiencing homelessness in Paris as well as his co-authored book on diversity and inclusion in VC and tech will be published this year. His writing has appeared in academic peer-reviewed journals (e.g. EPD, City and Society, Housing Studies) as well as journalistic outlets, such as Techcrunch, Prospect, Sifted, Aeon, the Conversation and Crunchbase. He holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge.

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In a recent post on The New PPT, the ideas forum for public-purpose technology, Dr. Johannes Lenhard discusses the EU tech and VC landscape for public-purpose tech.

StateUp 21: 2022 edition

In an exclusive four-part series for, StateUp expert and University of Cambridge professor Dr. Johannes Lenhard breaks down and explores the growing field of public purpose technology and the inner workings of its ecosystem.


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