Green Technologies in Latin America

Green Technologies in Latin America

StateUp is excited to release a pioneering report on Green Technologies and public policy in Latin America in collaboration with CAF Development Bank.  

The effects of climate change are already substantial in Latin America, with an average annual loss of 1.7% GDP as a result. 48% of capital cities in LAC face extreme risk related to climate change. And what happens in Latin America impacts much further too: the region is home to around half of the world’s biodiversity and 60% of global lithium supplies. 

The new report reveals the urgent need and great potential of LAC to be both a source and pioneering adopter of powerful green technologies needed to build climate resilience and decarbonise the planet. 

With burgeoning venture capital investment in LAC and innovation across the greentech sector, there is significant opportunity to catalyse entrepreneurs, investors, and policy makers to help develop and adopt the technologies needed for both climate mitigation and adaptation while creating healthier local places, planetary wellbeing, and wealth.


Density of technologies used in green and urban innovations


For governments, there is an opportunity to shift at least $10.25 trillion annually (World Bank Group, 2018) towards green spending through public procurement alone.

Read the report to access:

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