GovTech Snapshot: Data-driven Insights into an Emerging Sector

GovTech Snapshot: Data-driven Insights into an Emerging Sector

GovTech—an emergent ecosystem of small, innovative technology firms providing products and services for the public sector—has attracted growing attention over the past 3 years. Yet granular insights into the state of GovTech companies remain limited. Policymakers, even if enthusiastic to try new approaches, need evidence to de-risk taking chances on younger companies. Entrepreneurs and investors seeking to serve a public purpose can have difficulty spotting gaps and opportunities.

To fill this research gap, since early 2020 the StateUp team has been analysing innovative GovTech startups creating products and services for the public sector. Our growing dataset, the basis for future research, includes almost 300 firms from 30 countries working in 20 high growth GovTech subsectors. The main thread that ties together this diverse selection of companies is a commitment to bringing high quality, thoughtful digital innovation to public sectors.

This document presents two key findings drawn from our analysis of the data so far. The first is a subsector breakdown, which gives a sense of major growth areas in the GovTech sector. The second is an overview of the key technologies startups are using and developing for the government market, showing Artificial Intelligence to dominate.

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