Seamless mobile ticketing across multiple transit modes, with benefits for both passengers and operators.



  • Year founded: 2016
  • HQ: Bern, Switzerland
  • FTEs: ~70
  • Key clients/partners: Swiss Federal Railways (SBB); French National Railway Company (SNCF); Regionalbus Lenzburg; Aktiv Bus Flensburg
  • Key executives: Gian-Mattia Schucan, Founder & CEO. McKinsey & Co; DPhil in Physics at Oxford; Head of Alliances, then Head of Distribution and Services, for SBB’s passenger division; left SBB in 2013 to start a consultancy firm, before setting up Fairtiq in 2016.


Even for the most seasoned public transport user, transit ticketing can often seem illogical and confusing. Regular users are forced to make stressful choices between buying a ticket, a day pass, or a long-term pass, while irregular users may be unsure how a new system works or how to get the best deal. Fairtiq aims to solve these problems, enabling a smooth, seamless transit experience for passengers in the process. 

On Fairtiq’s mobile ticketing app, users simply check-in at the start of each journey, and check-out at the end. Fairtiq uses location data to track the journey and modes of transport used (their data privacy policy is available here), and then calculates the best ticket price after the journey is completed. If you forget to check-out at the end of your journey, the app will automatically prompt you to do so.

Not only does the simplicity of Fairtiq’s market-leading smart ticketing software benefit customers, but public transport operators can gain valuable insights from the platform. Fairtiq’s check-in/check-out function means journeys are tracked from exact origin to exact destination, something which is not always possible using traditional season or paper tickets. Operators can use these insights to improve service provision, and to reform overly simplistic fare structures without negatively impacting passenger experience.

Fairtiq’s industry-leading mobile ticketing product offers an excellent solution for both transit agencies with a mission to grow ridership, and for passengers looking to overcome uncertainty about their travel habits.

plans for 2022

Fairtiq is continuing to expand its trial programs, whilst also converting pilots to long-term clients and expanding geographic coverage. The company is also exploring new B2B options aimed at employers, who can use the app to subsidise transit for employees.

who should connect with this company

Public transport operators, national and regional transport authorities, cities interested in MaaSPublic transport operators, national and regional transport authorities, cities interested in MaaS

company in action

In Erfurt, Germany, the successful rollout of Fairtiq has enabled a switch to digital and contactless ticketing. Starting in 2022, the municipal transport authority is expected to save 2.2 million by not having to update or replace on-vehicle ticketing machines.

In Halle, Germany, 99.8% of users surveyed claimed they were satisfied with the app, with its most popular attributes being the simplicity of use and best price guarantee. Most notably, ⅓ of respondents stated that their public transport use had increased since they started using the app, all of which demonstrates Fairtiq’s value proposition.

As well as operating their own app, Fairtiq’s software powers automated ticketing apps on behalf of third parties, usually transport operators. SBB’s EasyRide is an example of one such application. EasyRide utilises Fairtiq’s check-in/check-out functionality, and has successfully introduced the product to over 5 million existing users on SBB’s mobile app.

stateup view

Fairtiq’s mobile ticketing software is industry-leading, with clear benefits to both users and operators. An app which simultaneously simplifies and improves the passenger experience, whilst also feeding back useful data to operators and authorities (which can be used to improve services), is a powerful combination. 

As the next few years look set to be characterised by part-time and flexible working, traditional transit ticketing options like pre-purchased season tickets are becoming less attractive. Fairtiq is well placed to take advantage of this situation, and their guarantee that you will always pay the lowest price is a compelling reassurance to users.

Incentivising more public transport usage is a key means by which governments are addressing the climate crisis. Fairtiq’s solution makes public transport more attractive, complementing these overarching policy aims.

Fairtiq has considerable potential for growth. Having pioneered a successful product, the company is well placed to expand beyond Switzerland, and its new development for B2B clients has considerable growth potential, especially when coupled with the political and economic contexts noted above. As part of an established trend towards Mobility as a Service in the transport tech space, Fairtiq’s future looks bright.


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