StateUp Convenes Expert Panel on Future of GovTech


StateUp Convenes Expert Panel on Future of GovTech

To celebrate the launch of StateUp 21, we brought together startup founders, VCs and policy experts to discuss how governments and entrepreneurs can cooperate to develop resilient, adaptive public sectors and societies.

Core themes included:

  • How GovTech startups are tackling new challenges in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • The role of investment and procurement in supporting sector growth
  • Who should be responsible for up-skilling policymakers in relation to technology?
  • Opportunities and gaps in the GovTech ecosystem for the years ahead

Watch the full discussion to learn more:

Panelists included Tiffany Chu (CEO & Co-Founder, Remix), Aline Muylaert (Co-Founder, CitizenLab), Daniel Korski (CEO & Co-Founder, PUBLIC), and Dr. Steve Unger (Commissioner, Geospatial Commission). The conversation was moderated by Dr. Tanya Filer, StateUp Founder and Director.